2015 and giving it a bit of an auld lash

Next year I’ve set myself the goal of running my first 100 mile race. The target is the Autumn 100 in October 2015 (rebranded from the Winter 100) brought to us by the chaps over at Centurion Running. I’d wanted to run the North Downs Way 100 (living some 5 miles from Box Hill and regularly running the western section) but my wife wasn’t prepared to come and crew on her birthday.

Her reply (following what I thought was the gentlest of enquiries) went something like: “…darling, there are two words that spring to mind, one starts with an ‘f’, the other ends in one…”

That’s a maybe then hun..and there is always the wait list.

Anyhow, it’s all about getting to that start line in Goring with some sort of plan…though I finally got a place in the London Marathon for April, where I’ve promised to help my good friend and oft running partner Sara get round in sub 3:45. Not a given for this old goat.

So, below are a number of events that I could possibly select from and do to cater for both (some booked, a couple done before).

  • January 11th – Winter Tanners (30 miles)
  • February 7th – Thames Trot (50 miles)
  • March 7th – Green Man Ultra (46 miles)
  • March 29th – Surrey Spitfire (20 miles)
  • April 26th – London Marathon
  • June 27th – Bewl Water Ultra (50 miles)
  • July 12th – Ranscombe Challenge (12 hours)
  • August 22nd – UltraTrail of Snowdonia (58miles)
  • September 13th – Bacchus Marathon
  • October 17th – Autumn 100

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